6 Ways You Can Gain Tons of Credit Card Rewards This Holiday Season

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Author: Bright Romero

While time seems to fly fast, there is no time to think about that. Since the holiday season is fast approaching, it will be best to get your wallet ready to spend and earn some perks, including boosting your credit card rewards. 

Having a celebration means spending a more significant amount of money. 

What’s great about that is that holiday expenses mean that you can rev up your rewards earnings using your credit card. On top of that, it is easy to boost those rewards. 

It is not that stressful to earn credit card rewards as there are proven ways to do that. 

 All you need to do is to be strategic in making holiday purchases. To help you, here are some of the best ways you can follow to increase your credit card rewards this holiday season.

1. Open a Credit Card

Most credit card issuers offer piles of points or cash back to simply encourage you to open a credit card. Yet, there’s always a catch on that welcome offer, like the need to spend a certain amount in a specific time frame. In cases like that, the holiday season is the right time to open a credit card and knock out that spending requirement. Therefore, you can look forward to a hefty bonus on your new card.

If you open a credit card that earns cash back, it is something to celebrate because you will have a bonus fund that you can use to stretch your holiday budget. 

Also, there are credit cards that give a nice stash of travel rewards. That’s a good deal worth getting this holiday season, especially if you are planning to spend much. 


2. Shop at Online Shopping Portals

Besides the stress and inconvenience, another great reason to ditch crowded stores is that online shopping portals offer regular rewards, points, and cashback on credit cards. All you need to do to earn is click-through links to shop on a retailer’s site. 

Each shopping portal shares a portion of the commission with buyers. No hassle and trouble, just an enjoyable shopping experience while earning perks. 

3. Get in-store Shopping Offers 

Physical stores are still great to visit because several of them offer bonus redeemable points when you shop with your credit card. 

4. Check credit card-linked offers 

Many card issuers attract people by offering discount programs. Frankly, it is not a bad idea to take advantage of that offer, even if there is a catch. Having rewards associated with your credit card can always come in handy during the holiday season. You can easily reach the spending requirement and get the rewards. If not, there’s no harm or obligation to face, so there’s no need to worry. 

5. Buy Gift Cards

Buying gift cards are great as holiday presents and a source of extra rewards for yourself. It sounds like hitting two birds with one stone, right? Well, it is, especially during the holiday season. A great tip is not to go overboard because some credit card issuers tend to claw back bonus points if they see a trend of gift card purchases. 6Dining Reward Programs 

If you eat out when it’s that time of the year, there’s nothing wrong with that because you can eat delicious foods and earn extra points and miles for your credit cards at the same time. Also, you can always look for dining programs with your credit card and use the card to pay so you can earn extra rewards. Additional rewards are also given if you leave reviews. 


Frankly, there is no need to be hesitant in spending money, especially on special occasions. It is more enjoyable if you also gain some perks while spending much more than on regular days. However, you need to be strategic in managing your credit card to enjoy the benefits. Hopefully, this guide can help you gain tons of credit card rewards this holiday season. 


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