Products and Services Amazon Announced at CES 2023

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Author: David Logan

Amazon was present at CES for the first time since the pandemic. The tech company unveiled its latest creations – including the new Ring Car Cam and Astro – that left the audience in awe.

Check out Amazon’s jaw-dropping reveals at CES, featuring amazing demonstrations and the launch of groundbreaking products.

Let’s review them real quick!

Ring Car Cam

The ring is broadening its horizons with the all-new Car Cam, now available for pre-order! You can protect your vehicle from the unexpected with Ring Car Cam! 

It features a dual-facing camera to record the inside and outside of your car. And also, smart sensors alert you to any activity – whether on the road or parked. 

The Ring Peephole Cam is an easy-to-install video doorbell for apartment and rental properties! With a 1080p HD camera, night vision, Two-Way Talk, Knock, and Motion Detection, it’s the perfect solution for renters.

Voice AI for your car

Amazon and Panasonic have partnered up to introduce a groundbreaking technology for Panasonic’s SkipGen in-vehicle infotainment system.


By simply uttering Alexa or Siri’s wake word, customers can enjoy using both voice services simultaneously via Apple CarPlay, giving them a more comprehensive selection of options and more control over their iPhone’s features and Alexa’s in-car capabilities. 

The Alexa Auto Software Development Kit supercharges SkipGen integration, providing drivers with access to a whopping 130,000 custom Alexa skills; from customizing car control functions and controlling smart home gadgets to retrieving weather updates, listening to offline media, and navigating to destinations.

Disney Voice Assistant

For the first time, Amazon showcased the incredible Hey Disney! Voice Assistant – enabling customers to unlock a world of Disney magic via Echo devices at home and select Disney Resort hotel rooms.

Soon, U.S. customers can get their hands on the fantastic service of interacting with over 20 of their favorite Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars characters! They can also purchase the service from the comfort of their homes through the Alexa Skills Store or enjoy it as part of an Amazon Kids+ subscription.

Amazon Astro

Astro is a revolutionary robot, a unique combination of artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor technology, voice, and edge computing – all with one purpose: to provide customers with a helping hand in any task they might need!

At this year’s CES, Amazon presented Astro – a home robot – to the public for the first time, displaying its newly developed capabilities, such as pet detection and recognizing various items in the home. join Alexa

Amazon is joining forces with to showcase the power of a multi-assistant setup with’s cutting-edge home intelligence platform.’s purpose-built assistant is the mastermind behind controlling all the connected devices in your smart home while you simultaneously utilize Alexa to check the latest sports scores and manage shopping lists with the voice commands you love. Amazon announced cool things that could make a breakthrough in technology. We look forward to the next announcement about new Amazon products and services. No doubt, Amazon is taking over some top-notch tech niches.


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