What is Daily Goodie Box -scam or real?

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Daily Goodie box is one of the free sample boxes sites like PinchMe. It sends the free stuff to you if you follow some steps.

Many people call it a “Scam”. Let’s unwind the truth today and know the working of the Daily Goodie box and why they offer free products?

What is Daily Goodie Box?

Daily Goodie Box is the site that sends you free stuff by mail with free shipping. Most of the products are food items, health, and beauty products like lip balm, moisturizer, and protein bars.

Now the question is why do they provide free stuff? They offer you free products in exchange for your honest feedback.

The manufacturers of the product value honest feedback from the users. That is why they spend a few bucks on your free stuff to get the feedback. This helps them to find out the actual performance of their stuffs and make necessary improvements if required.


How Daily Goodie Box Works?

The process of all the freebies offering sites is the same. Let’s know the working of Daily Goodie Box.


1.      Sign up at the website

You need to visit the site dailygoodiebox.com and enter your details. The people of the USA only can signup for this site. The process is free and no nay need for credit card information, etc. You can anytime cancel your account.

2.      Follow Daily Goodie Box social media

On the homepage, you must have read that you will get a bunch of freebies after the registration, but no, you have to do more to get stuff.

You need to follow the company’s social media accounts where the daily goodie box looks at the comments and randomly chooses the winners of the free box. If you get selected, they will reply to your comment informing you that you have got the Goodie Box.


So, it means, you also have to stay active on their social media site with posts and regular comments.

You can follow the Daily Goodie Box on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

3.      Receive your freebies

If you get elected, The company will contact you via mail. You will get the free products with free shipping without providing any credit card details or anything.

What do you receive?

Daily Goodie Box doesn’t send you just samples, but the whole full-size products. Most of the products include food items, chips, popcorn, health supplements, etc.

The Daily Goodie Box Items also include beauty products and skincare products like lip balm, etc. Sometimes you can also receive jewelry and other amazing accessories.

4.      Provide honest feedback

Now that you have received your product and used it, It’s time to pay back in terms of feedback. You must provide your honest opinion on each item you received. Daily Goodie Box forward your revies to the brand.

The review process is easy and can be done on the Daily Goodie Box website. You just need to answer a few questions and write a short most honest review.

Although, leaving a review is not important but if you don’t provide feedback, it will prevent you from receiving any free stuff in the future.


Daily Goodie Box is not a scam, it’s a real site sending freebies to the people. You can check out the website’s Trustpilot page to see the honest reviews of the people about its services.

The Daily Goodie Box has more than 1000 reviews and a 4.9 rating which proves its truthfulness.



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