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You know that it’s important to protect, review and monitor your credit history. While your credit is important so is your personal identity or your family’s safety.

Though cyber threats are on the rise, makes it easy to monitor and protect your credit, your personally identifiable information, and your family’s safety. Here’s our short review of this unique service.s on their credit, protecting it from potential damage.

Credit Monitoring from FreeScore360 isn’t like other credit score services; it actually gives you all three credit bureau scores. With an account with, you can get a monthly updated credit report.

all credit accounts listed

They alert you of any major changes including credit inquiries, delinquent accounts, new accounts, and more.

The alerts, which can provide you with immediate knowledge of potential fraud, can be seen on the dashboard and through email. If you notice something amiss, you can quickly end it. There are several resources available on the site that will you to take the proper actions.

Credit Score Simulations

FreeScore 360 provides you with all three credit bureau scores and can provide you with the information you need to keep the score from dropping due to inadequate credit behavior.

experian, equifax and transunion scores provided by

In order to protect yourself from an unnecessary drop, use a powerful credit score simulator.


Are you thinking about getting a new vehicle and need a loan? Are you going to buy something with your available credit?

FreeScore360 can show you how this would affect your score.

forecast your future credit score

The site will also provide you with an array of tips to help you when you are taking on new debt.

car buying checklist

Sex Offender Information and Alerting

While financial issues are important, they’re not near as important as your family. will provide you with public information about the registered sex offenders in your area. The database uses geolocation tools and your present stated address to let you know where these offenders live. FreeScore360 will review the payday loan records, criminal databases, address records, websites, etc.

offenders map

The system does all this to keep consumers safe.

If you notice information that doesn’t look familiar, you could be an identity theft victim. The site offers a $1 million protection coverage, allowing you to fight to restore your financial identity.

Digital Identity Monitoring

FreeScore360 is much more than a credit monitoring service. It also helps you thwart criminals from stealing your identity. The site uses the “Black Market” surveillance tool that will track criminals who purchase victim’s information and try selling it.

credit report summary

FreeScore360 Cost

When you sign up for FreeScore360, you pay a $1 refundable deposit. Users have access to the site for 7 days. After that, you automatically enroll in a $39.95 per month program.

FreeScore360 provides a 1-800 number that you can call to cancel your membership at any time.

The cost is on par with other top identity theft protection services. FreeScore360 provides plenty of monitoring, $1 Million in identity theft recovery insurance, and peace of mind.


If you’re at a high risk of identity theft, FreeScore360 is well worth the money.

How to sign up for FreeScore360?

Signing up for FreeScore360 is fast and easy. Navigate to their website, and choose “Get Your Free Scores Now!”

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You will enter your personal information including your name, social security number, and current address. You must provide all the information or FreeScore360 cannot pull your credit reports. Existing members can log in using the information provided on sign up (see the email accounts you registered).

FreeScore360 makes personal security their highest priority, so you can be sure that your information is safe.

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Next, FreeScore360 will ask you a few questions about your current debt products or historic addresses for identity verification. Once they verify your identity, you’ll have access to the credit scores, credit simulations, and more.


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